The amazing benefits of mint enhance body health

The amazing benefits of mint enhance body health

The amazing benefits of mint enhance body health

In addition to the benefits of mint in cooking and refreshing flavors in various foods and beverages, it has a wide range of health and medical uses, which is used to help in the incontinence Cold, calm inflammation, calm the digestive system problems in addition to the use of mouthwash and toothpaste and various ointments.

Definition of mint

– The people of the world know all the herb of mint, and they were so addicted to its use. They added it to the food, drink, and medicine, and boiled its leaves and prepared a liquid drink. They added it to other drinks such as boiled tea and lemon, dried their leaves and ground them to store them, and extracted aromatic oils, mint, Mint and scientific name (Mentha), a genus of plants follows the oral class of the level of oral, and contains 42 acceptable species and dozens of uncertain species, and plants of this herbaceous perennial with a pungent smell of granular, and grow on the ends of the watercourses and aquifers, and can be planted the same How to plant parsley …
– Mint is one of the most important medical therapeutic herbs and the most common in the Arab and Western countries, mint peppermint aromatic properties and taste of different types and origin, and uses the herb of mint different (fresh, dry and frozen) in the global kitchen, where added to many hot drinks and cold, Boil mint leaves with water, but pour boiling water on the leaves and soak in it for ten minutes, then drink and enjoy its many health benefits, and plant mint in areas of nature and wet soil, and blooms near water sources on lakes and rivers, Mint adapts to a wide range of conditions where
It grows in the shade or sun, as mint grows throughout the year without the need for full care or interest, and the mint herb is grown in Asian countries and regions of Europe, a herb known since ancient times, was used to treat many diseases, Fresh leaves should be used directly or stored in plastic bags for several days in the refrigerator or dried and stored in a tightly sealed container in a dry and cold area. Mint is one of the most indispensable plants. In any house, hundreds of years ago is used Mint leaves in many uses because of its great benefits, because it contains a large number of vitamins and minerals that benefit the general health of humans, most important of which is vitamin B2, (A), (C), in addition to metals such as calcium, iron, Manganese, copper, and potassium. Since ancient times, mint has been used in alternative medicine

Basic Information About mint

– Each 100 g of mint according to USDA contains the following dietary information,
 Calories: 70
 Fat: 0.94
 Saturated fat: 0.24
 Fiber: 8
 Proteins: 3.75

Benefits of mint

  •  Get rid of the mouth bacteria, and give it a nice smell, and that by drinking boiled, or chewing green leaves, as it protects the teeth from decay,
  •  Menthol (Menthol), a peppermint oil incorporated into the composition of some cosmetics and perfumes,
  •  It is used in the food industry, supermarkets,
  • Helps relieve foot pain if placed in hot water before the feet dip in it,
  •  Studies have shown that mint helps relieve the pain of breast nipples during breastfeeding,
  • Useful in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism,
  • Many suffer from pain such as head pain, menstrual pain, muscle,
  •  Mint is a stimulant used to make substances that help awaken patients to get them out of anesthesia after undergoing surgery,
  •  Treats some diseases (used as medicine)

The benefits of mint in ancient medicine

  • The Greeks knew the benefits of therapeutic mint early and added to their medical qualities, and in the field of adornment, the Romans were putting the crowns of mint over their heads in their celebrations, and the books of ancient Arabic medicine, and mentioned by ancient Arab scientists and referred to in their books,
  •  As Ibn Sina, who said in his book (the law):
  • His flowers are activated and unclogged and remove the headaches from the cold, and they call it the name of the basil, and Ibn Sina of the mint herb in several places that mention its benefits …
  •  While David said Antioch, in his book (ticket):
  •  Mint prevents nausea, stomach aches, and hoarseness, and expels worms with honey and vinegar. If eaten, food is prevented from acidifying or spoiling.
  •  In addition to the anise and cumin, it was common in ancient Athens to use aromatic herbs to perfume and beautify the body. Mint was used in particular to perfume the hands, a mint was introduced to England by the Romans and John Gardiner’s book on gardens Feate of Gardening, published in 1440, was one of the first poetic works to be written in English. The author spoke about mint. In the fourteenth century, there were many types of mint toothpaste used to whiten teeth. The British plants Turner 1568-1508 that the mint is useful for the stomach, and it gives a tasty taste for the meat sauce. Nicholas Culpepper 1654-1616, an English astronomer and physicist who participated in the civil war in his country, prevented the use of mint to treat the wounded In war because it does not

What modern medicine said about the benefits of mint

At present, after many studies and research, mint has been used in various treatments. For example, Dr. Mario Rugar (1984) confirmed that mint is a stimulant for the stomach, a bile duct, and an anti-inflammatory pancreas, thus facilitating digestion. In 1985, both Puer and Garibe proved that peppermint oil was an effective treatment against colic and convulsions. Reese and Evans and Rhodes in 1995 gave peppermint oil to 18 patients with colon irritation and after a period of time has been shown to be effective in relieving the disease, which affects about 15% of the body And between Leung and Foster in 1996, that mint is an important treatment in the expulsion of worms from the stomach and intestines, containing the oils repellent worms, parasites, and bacteria that infect poultry and humans, and it is also useful in calming the itching and external pain, Very useful for heart activation and circulation

How to prepare a mint drink

– It is recommended to put about ten leaves of fresh mint, or a tablespoon of ground dried leaves in a cup of boiling water, and after cooled and filtered and sweet to the desire, and drink two to three times a day and at any time, it is refreshing to drink and strengthen, may be added to the cup also half Spoon cup of chamomile and half lemon juice …

When to prevent drinking mint

  •  It is not recommended to drink minted daily and for a long time so as not to damage the internal mucous membranes, as the consumption of a large amount of it may lead to cramping, diarrhea, drowsiness, muscle pain, and slow heart rate, so it is recommended to limit the limit …
  •  It is forbidden for pregnant women to multiply, especially in the first months of pregnancy, because it may relax the muscles of the uterus, which increases the risk of abortion, especially in women who have previously been aborted in previous loads, and warns of drinking minted during the period of breastfeeding what may be From Risk to Infant Health ..
  • It is advisable to consult with the doctor when taking the decision to introduce peppermint mint to the food program continuously, because it may interact with some drugs and treatments, and exacerbates some of the conditions, such as Menthol sensitivity, asthma, and acidity of the stomach …

Benefits of body mint

  •  Treatment of the digestive system

– where he proved that the Mint is working to increase the secretion and activity of the salivary glands and digestive enzymes which digestive system helps in the process of digestion, and helps in the treatment of indigestion, is mint, opening the appetite and this is the customary starter and enters in many culinary dishes, and proved that he has a role in the treatment of irritable bowel problems when both children and adults and relieve symptoms, and the benefits of mint that soothing to the pain of colic and soothe stomach cramps, and helps to overcome the acidity and cures flatulence, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and works to promote oral health and the fight against smell bad and refreshing the same, works Alana P to fight the bacteria responsible for tooth decay, so it is used in pastes and mouthwash, and helps to fight the infection by mouth …
  • Resistance to nausea

– The strong and refreshing aroma of mint helps greatly in the treatment and resistance of cases of nausea, especially in cases of pregnancy or travel across the sea, you can eat mint powder or boiled and drink or even chewing mint gum …
  • The acidity of the stomach

– To eliminate the acidity of the stomach drinks a cup of boiled mint without adding sugar …
  • Relieves depression

– Peppermint is a natural tonic, only its fragrance may give you energy and mental vitality high if you are concerned or depression or even fatigue, just use the mint, whether by eating or inhaling fragrant or topical, whatever the way you will certainly feel the difference …
  • Respiratory disorders

– Peppermint leaves help to relieve congestion in the nose, throat, airways, and lungs, and accelerate healing, especially in colds and flu. Many studies have found the benefits of peppermint in the treatment of tuberculosis and have therapeutic properties to help alleviate the symptoms of asthma. The opening of the airways and self-relaxation, and thus enters the industry of inhalers, and helps to relieve cough and expel phlegm, and has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to fight bacteria and reduce all respiratory infections …
  • Benefit the skin

– Mint contributes to the treatment of skin infections and itching, especially those resulting from insect bites such as bees and mosquitoes, just cut and shred fresh leaves or a tablespoon of dry leaves, and mix with a little hot water, forming a paste used to alleviate the inflammation, Fatigue that is produced by the oily skin also treats the young pills and black pimples …
  •  memory loss

– According to recent studies, those who chew mint gum often have a strong memory and mental activity higher than others, because it is a powerful tonic of cognitive ability and mental …
  • Pain reliever

– Helps to relieve aches and pains, especially stomach pain, muscle and headache, and relieves the nerves and helps to relax, and helps to ease the pain of the menstrual cycle …
  • Cancer prevention

– Several studies have shown the availability of some enzymes and antioxidants in the vitamin C, which is present in the mint, which helps greatly in preventing the formation of cancer cells, and treatment of cancer, especially colon cancer …
  • Antihypertensive

Seasonal allergies and hairworm affect millions of people around the world at a certain time of the year. Mint contains the anti-allergen (histamine) …
  • Reduction of Blood pressure

– Mint leaves contain a good amount of potassium metal, which helps to relax blood vessels and maintain the balance of fluids in the body and thus reduce blood pressure and regulate pulse rate …
  • Strengthens and strengthens immunity

– Mint leaves contain many nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, D, E and small amounts of vitamin B, all of which help to strengthen and improve the immune system in the body and prevent many infections and diseases.

Mint Damage

– Despite the great health benefits of peppermint, there are still some potential side effects. Menthol can cause allergies to some people and can cause heartburn. But those side effects are usually mild, but you should consult your doctor anyway.
  •  Mint, like many other herbs, can interact with other herbs, supplements, and medicines. If you are taking certain medications, consult your doctor about the use of peppermint.
  •  Experts recommend not to treat mint in the following cases:
  •  Diabetics, because mint increases the risk of hypoglycemia significantly
  • Children under 7 years old
  • People who take antacids
  • People with a diaphragm in the diaphragm
  •  Those who have an esophageal reflux
  •  Who takes high blood pressure drugs

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