Natural recipes for darkening the neck

Natural recipes for darkening the neck


The neck is a neglected area where the women focus on the care of the area of ​​the face and hands only, to be prone to darkness and unevenness at the level of color with the rest of the body. This is why my lady in this article offers you a way to treat neck pigments naturally and inexpensive. Skin pigmentation and the appearance of dark spots is one of the troublesome problems experienced by women that affect the beauty of their skin. Sun exposure is one of the main reasons for the appearance of these pigments. AboutSkin coloration Because the skin produces a substance called melanin, which is responsible for giving the skin its natural color, and when the skin increases the production of melanin, this leads to pigmentation in the skin, and in some cases where the pigmentation is known, this condition excessive hyperpigmentation or cost

What are the black spots

Black spots may appear for various reasons, most notably sun-related; exposure to the sun without protection increases the possibility of black spots of various sizes, especially on the face, and then on the neck and hands. These patches are called pigments: The sun’s rays spoil the work of melanin, which creates a firm of pigment on the surface of the skin
Other times, the appearance of stains to spray perfumes directly on the skin, which do not correspond well with ultraviolet rays.
These spots also appear after the age of 40: This causes aging of the skin so that the latter becomes less wet, more fragile, and the pigment becomes less stable.
There are other factors that cause spots to appear, even though they are less common than previous causes: hormonal imbalance associated with medication or miscarriage, dysfunction of the liver that can not treat toxins, or mashed acne left behind dark spots.
In all cases, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist, especially if it involves a single isolated gray or dark spot, as it may be an indicator of skin cancer.

Causes of darkening of the neck

There are many reasons that lead to a change in the color of the neck and blacks such as:
– Wear accessories and chains on the neck cause blackening of the neck, due to sweating and exposure to dust.
– The treatment of certain types of drugs causes the occurrence of blackness and pigmentation in the skin, especially drugs containing Minocycline.
– Neck exposed to ultraviolet light for long periods and continuous.
– The incidence of some common diseases and chronic diseases and serious, such as Cancer, which affects the stomach in particular.
– Inflammation of the neck or infection of fungus.
– Genetic factors and family history with the disease.
– The use of some types of cosmetics, creams, and perfumes cheap and poor quality, or those containing oils.
– Thyroid disorders, hypothyroidism.
– Pregnancy occurs in some women; where the problem of pigmentation of the skin.
– Increase weight and obesity.

 Best home recipes to lighten the neck area

Oatmeal and tomato mask

Ingredients: The amount of oatmeal powder with a similar amount of tomato juice and a little water.
Mix the oatmeal with water and tomato juice until you get a smooth, smooth dough, apply it directly to the dark areas of the neck for 20 minutes, then rub your fingertips and rub the mixture in a nice circular motion to get rid of dead skin cells.

Mix lemon juice and rose water

Ingredients: 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of organic rose water.
All you have to do is mix the lemon juice with the rose water, apply a little mixture on a clean, dry neck and leave it for the entire night. In the next morning, wipe it with a tissue dampened with warm water and drying. Repeat this method for a full month to get a distinct result.

Natural solutions

Lemon is known for its beneficial benefits, so cleaning the skin with lemon juice is an easy magic solution, but the condition is diluted with water, honey and argan oil for dry or sensitive skin.
There are other natural products with bleached properties such as parsley, essential oils such as carrot oil, celery, musk, or natural aloe vera gel.
But you do not expect miracles. Natural solutions require patience because the first visible results only appear after months of regular treatment.

Tips for dealing with skin pigmentation

  • Be careful not to be exposed to the sun without sunscreen and be of high protection and quality.
  • Do not apply frequent peeling because it increases the highlight of the dark spots, and if you peel, you should be careful not to hurt the skin.
  • Apply a moisturizing cream suitable for skin type to protect against dehydration and loss of elasticity.
  • If you use cosmetics permanently, use well-known brands so that the pigmentation problem does not worsen. Carefully clean the skin thoroughly before going to sleep so that the makeup residue does not react with the skin.
  • Make sure to drink water in sufficient quantities as it helps to expel toxins from the body and rid the skin of impurities and pigmentation.
  • You can visit your doctor to get the necessary treatment or get a chemical peeling that helps to relieve the spots.

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