Magic recipe to make the lips always red

Magic recipe to make the lips always red

Magic recipe to make cheeks red always

This is the title of beauty in many women, and any woman can get it using the blood of the gazelle, which helps in the treatment of cracks and brightening of the color, through the following way:
Mix the amount of petroleum jelly with an appropriate amount Of the powdered blood of the deer and mixing well and then we put them on the lips before sleep and wake up in the morning and be aware of the results where you will notice that you got a soft and pink Shaver.

Blood of the Gazelle

The blood of the deer is known as a fine powder produced from anemone leaves. These leaves are placed in a net to expose them to the sun to be dried, then crushed and sold in the market. This powder is characterized by red color. This substance contains several names, In Morocco, it is called Bellman, which uses the blood of the gazelle in the preparation of the toothpaste, as well as in the manufacture of cosmetics for skin and hair, and will be mentioned the most important uses of gazelle in this article.

Information on Blood for Ghazal

  • Morocco is one of the first countries to manufacture and obtain it.
  • This is due to the cost of this product because the anemones produce very small amounts of it since too many papers produce a very small amount.
  • This powder needs a long time to prepare (between collecting, grinding, drying, packing, selling, etc.).
  • Sold in small quantities ie fines.
  • It is recommended to buy a soap called peacock, which helps to get better results.

Uses of suede blood

The use of gazelle is numerous, as it is used in the cleansing of the gums and treatment of hair and skin problems. It also gives the body a bronze color. The main uses of gazelle will be presented as follows:

  • The use of gazelle cleansing gums, because of its holding properties.
  • Used in making toothpaste.
  • It is used as a colored material that gives the paint a red color, which is used in the manufacture of varnish.
  • Opens the color of the lips and gives them a beautiful pink color, and treats them from cracking and dehydration and increases its softness.
  • The body gives a beautiful bronze color.
  • Increases skin tone, freshness, and beauty
  • Treats skin from grain, pimples, blackheads and large pores.
  • Deep facial skin cleanser.
  • Treat the hair from shelling.
  • Increases hair density and treats it for weakness.
  • Treatment of hair loss.
  • Used in hair coloring.

How to use suede blood

The use of multiple gazelles for skin, hair, and body has been mentioned previously. It is used in the preparation of various recipes without any side effects. The correct method of use will be explained in the following lines:

How to use gazelle hair

  • The benefits of gazelle hair treatment of most of the problems that may be exposed to them such as damage and bombing and fall, as well as in the preparation of hair coloring recipes, will be mentioned how to use the following:
  • In a suitable bowl, place ten tablespoons of henna powder, followed by a tablespoon of suede blood powder, and add one egg to the mixture.
  • Mix the ingredients together and add an appropriate amount of boiling water, stir until the mixture becomes soft, then leave for 30 minutes.
  • Cover the scalp with a little corn oil, and bring the mixture and add the juice of two fruits of lemon and egg white, and mix ingredients well.
  • Apply the mixture to the hair and should be left for two hours and then washed with balsam.

How to use gazelle for lips

  • The blood of the gazelle treats the cracked lips and gives them more softness, saves them from dark color and gives them a beautiful pink color, and its easy and simple method will be mentioned as follows:
  • Place in a small dish appropriate amount of powdered suede blood and a little Vaseline enough to make a soft paste, apply the paste on the lips before going to sleep in the evening.
  • In the morning the lips are washed with water.

How to use gazelle for skin

Application of natural recipes containing the ingredients in the blood powder of the gazelle helps to treat the skin from various problems such as excess fat, pimples, and grain and gives it a fresh and beautiful appearance, and how to use is:
Place a tablespoon of Moroccan clay in a bowl with half a tablespoon of gazelle powder and four teaspoons of rose water.
Mix the ingredients together until the mixture is smooth.
Apply the mixture to the skin and after 15 minutes wash with soap and water.

Benefits of aesthetic gazelle blood

  • Helps to get rid of the effects of acne.
  • The blood of the gazelle preserves the freshness and purity of the skin, by applying the mask of feces and rose water.
  • The fecal mask helps eliminate the problem of large pores.
  • Enter into natural recipes that give lips natural pink color.
  • Fecal ache treats the problem of cracked lips.
  • It is used for the purpose of getting rid of the dark lips, by applying a mixture of feces and a little Vaseline on the lips before the immortality to sleep and wash in the morning.
  • Folic acid is used as a natural hair dye for its ability to give hair natural color, without causing any problem of dehydration, by mixing it with henna.
  • Folic acid treats the problem of hair follicles because of its effective ability to treat damaged hair.
  • The treatment of dry hair problem through the application of special recipes to moisturize the hair is prepared from fecal powder (blood Ghazal).
  • Folic acid is used in natural recipes to get a bronze color for the body.

Benefits of suede blood

  • Helps to eliminate the problem of cracking the feet, by applying the mixture of feces and Vaseline on the cracked or dry area for a whole night.
  • Addresses health problems related to the scalp such as fungi and crust.

Damages of gazelle blood

No scientifically proven information indicates that fecal alkalosis is harmful to the overall health of the body, or any health complications that occur in the body after its use. The reason is that fecal alcohols are a natural substance that does not contain any type of chemical additives that can become toxic or harmful to health.

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