Magic drinks to burn fat .. Try it

Magic drinks to burn fat .. Try it

Magic drinks to burn fat .. Try it

Burning is the chemical processes that occur in the human body continues to maintain the continuity of vital processes such as digestion of food and breathing and waste disposal and so on to maintain the continuity of human life, and result in these processes energy discharged by the body to do its daily work, and there is a strong relationship between metabolism And the process of burning fat; the more the burning process, the body is burning more fat, and we will provide information about fat burning processes in the body

What is fat?

Fat is a group of chemical compounds that contain fatty acids, the fat comes from the food intake, which is done by the body cycle stored energy from those foods and stored in the form of fat in the body

What is fat burning in the body 

Many people struggle to burn fat and get rid of excess weight, but some attempts are unsuccessful and useless, others differ from one person to another and some of them are effective and excellent results and all those results of the process of metabolism, which can be defined as the ability of the body to Burning calories , and affect the metabolism of several influences, including age and sex, men burn more fat because of their muscle mass and effects also the factor of heredity and some diseases.

Causes of fat accumulation in the body

The problem of increasing fat in the area of ​​the buttocks, the body takes the form of pear, and this form is found to be very common among men and women, but increase in the proportion of women, and men spread the shape of their bodies with the body of the apple where they accumulate fat in the abdomen only, or the causes of increasing accumulation of fat in the region Waist and buttocks are many factors, perhaps the most important is the increase in the rate of femininity hormone, which causes excessive weight in the lower part of the abdomen, and increase the proportion of secretion of the hormone femininity also lead to water retention in the body and may cause various types of cancer Including cancer N breast and uterine cancer and prostate cancer.

Magic drinks to burn fat

Black coffee
 Black coffee is a great source of antioxidants that fight the accumulation of fat in the body and is also rich in dietary fiber.
Green tea
 One of the most prominent drinks that are used permanently in the process of slimming because it contains a lot of antioxidants that work on the fragmentation of fat and promote metabolism. You can eat green tea in the morning and also at dinner to get positive results.
Coconut water
In addition to fighting thirst and moisturizing the body, coconut water helps stimulate metabolism to effectively burn fat. You can add it to the Shea seeds before eating it in the morning.
Orange juice
It does not contain many calories, it also contains a high percentage of fiber that enhances the feeling of satiety and also rich in vitamin C, which activates the body and helps in the elimination of fat.

Fruit helps to burn fat

Avocados contain omega-3 and nine healthy fatty acids, such as fats in olive oil and nuts, that accelerate the process of converting fats into energy and increase the rate of metabolism.
It is a fruit rich in triglycerides, which increase the rate of metabolism in the liver by up to 30%, and helps to take notice of the body full and the need to eat some snacks, and also preserves coconut oil, the functioning of the thyroid well.
Lemon is an excellent fruit in the elimination of toxins in the liver and maintains the alkalinity of body fluids and tissues, and since eating lemon helps to maintain the health of the liver, it is able to facilitate digestion and burning fat.
Some studies, such as the one conducted at Johns Hopkins University, confirm that women who ate grapefruit daily lost about 20 pounds in thirteen weeks without altering their diet and lifestyle.
Tomatoes contain high levels of vitamin C and plant lycopene, which help stimulate the production of amino acids known as carnitine, where research has shown the ability of this acid to accelerate the body’s ability to burn fat by one third.

The best way to burn fat 

Aerobic exercises

Aerobics exercises are one of the strongest exercises that help burn fat accumulated in the body and eliminate high-calorie intake. However, there is a maximum limit for exercises. After the burning of muscles and the direct impact on muscle healing, the commitment to long hours of aerobics exercises is difficult, Therefore, it is necessary to determine a symmetrical program to lose weight without excessive pressure on the body and without any conflict with the individual’s psychological, health and physical condition.

Set a goal to lose weight

It is necessary before starting any step of weight loss to identify the person himself a realistic goal is easy to reach so as not to lose morale in the middle of the road because of the difficulty of reaching this goal and impossible to achieve, which leads to frustration and abandon the idea in full.A treatment program of not more than one month must be established, with the regularity of all matters related to the program and the establishment of realistic and objective regulations, all of which will reduce weight and loss of fat in that period without exceeding it.

Division of meals

The meals can be divided so that several different meals are taken during the album and not three meals. However, these meals should be a few in quantity. Each meal should include all the nutrients needed by the body, as far as possible from foods, fast food or Fried food in oil or high in fat should also avoid sweets, nuts, and sugars all of which help to increase weight.

Tips for the treatment of fat accumulation

  •  One of the most important ways to treat this problem is to have a healthy and balanced diet, without forgetting to eat basic meals, especially breakfast, not the quantities and types of food, but the most important is to eat foods rich in beneficial elements of the body while avoiding the foods saturated with fat and high calories.
  • It is advisable to practice sports, especially walking, running or cycling. This is the most effective exercise in burning fat that accumulates in the waist and buttocks.
  • Avoid sitting for long periods of more than one hour at a time, where walking and walking are separated for at least 5 minutes after each hour of continuous sitting.
  • Try as much as possible to abandon some habits that make your movement less. For example, you can climb the stairs instead of riding the electric elevator or walk a little instead of riding the car.

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