Foods that cause premature aging, lose them

Foods that cause premature aging, lose them

Foods that cause premature aging, lose them

The life of a person changes with age, especially after the transition from youth to old age. During that period, signs of aging appear, including a range of diseases that range from being simple to chronic. With the onset of aging, the primary purpose of dealing with this age group is improving The level of living and the treatment of the human soul instead of medicine, scientists have divided the old age into two categories, the first between the sixty-fifth and seventy-fifth and the second above it and in this article we will introduce the reader in detail the diseases of aging.

What is early aging?

The majority of the early aging disease is the weakness of some organs of the body at an earlier than usual, where some people get early aging in the late thirties or forties, usually showing signs of this in terms of the speed of white hair growth or increase the number of wrinkles on the skin Etc. Early childhood disease, which affects some children since childhood, is known scientifically as “progeria”, a genetic disorder that causes some children to exhibit the features of the elderly. Although they are born naturally, signs of aging appear on their faces by the eighth month Cases considered n And science have not yet discovered effective and effective medicine.

Ways to keep the skin from aging

  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight as the main cause of wrinkles.
  • Wear sunglasses are based on protecting the skin around the eyes from sun damage, which helps to protect them from wrinkles.
  • Keep away from smoke as much as possible Smoke leads to the appearance of wrinkles on the skin through the secretion of an enzyme working to break collagen and elastin.
  • Use sunscreen and face creams but do not protect the skin from wrinkles enough.
  • Sleep for hours is enough because it will lead to the secretion of human growth hormone HGH, which helps to free the skin from wrinkles.
  • Avoid sleeping in the direction of the pillow because it causes the appearance of sleep lines, which are wrinkles on the surface of the skin and do not disappear even after waking up from sleep.

Causes of signs of early aging

The following are a combination of factors and factors that stimulate the appearance of signs of aging including aging:

  • Exposure to tension, fatigue, and emotions.
  • Smoking is excessive and excessive.
  • Exposure to the sun for a long time and directly.
  • Excessively exposing the body to constant fatigue.
  • Follow a very harsh and unbalanced diet.

Foods cause in early aging

Soft drinks

– Soft drinks contain high amounts of sugar that prevent the fiber from doing its work and may prevent blood sugar from rising, causing the emergence of premature aging.


– Meat when eaten excessively, it causes the increase of wrinkles and affects negatively on human health because it contains large amounts of high calories that eliminate the vitality of the face.


– Coffee over-taken to negatively affect the shape of the teeth and color and makes their whiteness disappear and replaced by yellow color and lead to increased dryness in the skin, which makes it wrinkle clearly.


– Sugar leads to a large amount of storage in the body, which causes it to deal with the protein incorrectly, leading to the secretion of a substance that leads to the emergence of wrinkles in the body.

Hot foods

– Warm foods are taken to cause the expansion of blood vessels, which affects the body wrinkles, especially chili, so eating food without it prevents the onset of symptoms of aging early.

 Prepared foods

– Ready-to-eat foods lead to blockage of the arteries, causing the skin to become dehydrated because it is a large source of oxidizing substances and compounds harmful to the body.

 Salted potatoes

Salted and fried potatoes cause skin and skin injury to high risk because they contain high amounts of refined carbohydrates that cause oxidation, which damages collagen,  which renews skin cells and causes inflammation and wrinkles.

Carbohydrates manufactured

Eating processed carbohydrates such as pasta causes damage to collagen, causing wrinkles.

Salted foods

– Eat salty foods lead to the incidence of premature aging Valakthar salt intake leads to high blood pressure and the incidence of heart disease and blood vessels and kidney and stomach cancer and other diseases also makes wrinkles more than around the eyes and therefore should be minimized as much as possible to preserve the healthy skin.


– pastries and sweets frequently cause the bodily injury to many diseases because they contain large amounts of complex fat and sugar as it increases the formation of new wrinkles in the skin and so it must be dealt with very carefully.

Aesthetic tips

  • Eve should cleanse your skin in the morning and in the evening, especially before bedtime. You should not forget to remove makeup so that the pores of the skin can breathe to generate collagen. You can use gel or lotion to suit your skin so you can remove all the impurities.
  •  Dear Eve, do a foam by gel and gently wash your face as well as the front part of the neck with small circular movements. Rinse your skin afterward with cold water.
  •  Wipe your skin with a cotton swab containing rose water to soothe and clean the skin.
  •  One of the most important things to do after cleansing the skin is moisturizing, where you can use a moisturizer of high quality and a generous amount of skin on your skin and avoid the eyes and nose and make circular movements with a full face massage from the neck and then behind the ears and cheeks and full face .

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