Effective anti-fat drink.

Effective anti-fat drink.

Effective cardamom to fight fat

This is one of the most spice in the world. The seeds of cardamom attract you by all possible means. These seeds are not only used in food but also used for medical purposes, perfume, and other purposes. For many of us, cardamom is used in food and medicine. Especially in the Indian sub-continent, and to obtain a healthy and healthy body by adhering to a special diet and exercise to burn fat and stimulate the body. Slimming is not limited to these methods only, but can be included some natural drinks that have the ability to burn fat effectively, but do you know that the cardamom has great benefits in fighting fat in the body

Therapeutic and Health Benefits of Hail:

_ Addresses headache by adding it to tea.
_ Fragrant to the smell of the mouth, and deodorizer.
Help improve the digestion of food.
_ Cardamom has a great ability to get rid of toxins and cleanse the body of them.
_ Works to reduce high blood pressure.
_ Contains antioxidants, which help to delay premature aging, wrinkles and cancer resistance.
_ Protects the body from diseases because it strengthens immunity.
Protects against colds and flu
It can be used as a moisturizer and cleanser for the skin, and gives it the balanced food it needs and renews its cells, and it protects against the bacteria that cause acne.
_ Contains oils that work to strengthen the hair from its roots and softness and protect it from shelling and drought and give it a shiny appearance.
_ Diuretic diuretic helps to remove impurities and salts from the body.
_ Contains materials necessary for bone health and strength.
_ Helps improve mood and get rid of depression by adding it to tea or coffee.
It treats respiratory disorders, throat disorders, pharyngitis, and tonsillitis.
_ Prevent the injury of hiccups.
Improves blood circulation and lung activity, prevents blood and arteriosclerosis.
_ Add to drinking water to cleanse and get rid of germs.
_ Help the digestive system to get rid of nausea, heartburn, and acidity, as it expels gases and addresses the swelling of the abdomen and constipation, and contains antibiotics and yeast and infections.

The nutritional value of the cardamom:

It contains a group of vitamins and minerals. The cardamom is composed of proteins, minerals, water, fat, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and C, carbohydrates and some dietary fibers, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and iron.

The importance of cardamom for slimming:

The cardamom seeds are warm and taste bitter, increasing and stimulating metabolism in the body, which helps to burn fat accumulated inside the body.
Therefore, cardamom is one of the most important herbs used in slimming, which increases the temperature of metabolism, which increases the burning of calories in the body.
The cardamom contains fiber at a large rate helps improve digestion and detoxification and accumulated waste in the intestine, and the cardamom is one of the most important diuretic plants and works to reduce the excess weight by freeing the body of fluids and excess salts calculated inside.

Milk with cardamom to lose weight:

This helps to get rid of fat, especially the fat accumulated in the region of the buttocks and abdomen and must be taken twice a day to get good results.

Ingredients  :

Two cups of milk.
Two teaspoons of crushed cardamom seeds.
Sugar is added as desired but is not recommended to multiply it.

How to prepare :

– Put the milk on a quiet fire and stir from time to time to heat up.
-Adhav cardamom to the milk and stir for about five minutes, then add the sugar and stir a little and then pour in the cups.

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