Dieting meals may fool you to increase your weight!

Dieting meals may fool you to increase your weight!


Dieting meals may fool you to increase your weight!
People usually make an effort to burn calories and avoid accumulating excess weight, but this loss is possible in several simple and smart ways. Most of them are victims of some of the meals that are marketed as Regim, but they are counterproductive.
Sky News, quoting Health Line, refers to a range of foods marketed by companies as beneficial to the regimens but causes significant damage to diet:

Protein juices

Some protein juices are nutritious and healthy, but many are rich in sugar. For example, some prepared juices contain approximately 14 teaspoons (55 grams) of sugar per bottle of 450 milliliters.

Low-fat milk with flavor

Fat is a nutritious substance, acting to amplify food flavors, and when fat is removed to reduce calories, sugar is usually compensated for improved flavor.


Store shelves are filled with canned diet foods, most notably cutting off cookies and fat-free chips, but they contain many preservatives and unhealthy fats as well as artificial sweeteners that may harm your body.

Flavored coffee

It is known that caffeine acts as an appetite suppressant, which causes many people to eat large amounts of it, but many drinks that enter the coffee, such as cappuccino, contain high calories because of its components other than coffee, such as whole milk.

Canned authorities

Packaged authorities, such as those in grocery stores or fast-food restaurants, can be high-calorie and contain a chunk that is usually rich in sugar and unhealthy fats.

Diet soft drinks

Diet soft drinks are often seen as healthy, however, linking research to eating these drinks and gaining weight.

Industrial Sweeteners

Alternatives to white sugar, such as brown sugar, coconut and date sugar, can contribute to weight gain, as some contain more calories than normal sugar.

Low-calorie cereals

Low-calorie cereals are useful to start your day if you follow a healthy diet, but the majority of these products contain extra-weight added sugars.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, but they may provide you with a quantity of sugar you do not need. Their small size will tempt you to eat larger amounts if the fruit is fresh.

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